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If you would like to contact Glenside Lions Bookmart please use the contact form on the right or the contact details below.

The Glenside Lions Club Bookmart is located at 4 Kennaway St, Tusmore, near the corner of Barr-Smith Ave and Kennaway Street, Tusmore. You can enter off Portrush Rd into Barr-Smith Ave or off Greenhill Rd into Kennaway St. On weekends we have signs placed on Portrush Rd and Greenhill Rd.

Opening Hours at Glenside Lions Club Bookmart

Friday – 10am to 1pm
Saturday – 10am to 3pm
Sunday – 10am to 3pm
Monday – 10am to 1pm

Phone: 08 8332 1738

Bookmart Manager:  Evan Jenkins

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